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So, you got engaged? Now, how do you insure the ring?

by insight-social | 10 February, 2023 | | 0 comments

Home insurance and engagement rings!

It is necessary to ensure that all home and contents cover includes your high-value jewellery pieces. The easiest way to guarantee this is to go through your insurance provider directly.

For special pieces of jewellery that are for everyday wear like engagement rings, you must have “All Risks Cover” on them. This means they are covered in and out of the house, against loss, theft or damage. But you have to specify the item to your insurer, just adding it to your general contents cover won’t cover the item outside the house. Generally, most policies will cover items up to €3,000 or to a maximum of 10% of the cover amount as standard.

Get engaged aboard? It’s important to know for pieces purchased overseas, Irish Insurers require an up-to-date Irish valuation report as a term of your cover. More about that further on.

Here at Insight Insurance, we are passionate about affording clients the highest possible protection from unforeseen events no matter the circumstance. We provide a genuine and professional service tailored to your specific needs. We are eager to provide a service that is transparent and coherent – so if you are unsure if your high-value jewellery is adequately protected under your home insurance – be sure to get in touch for a quote today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Click here.

Where can I get my engagement ring valued?

There are now several professional appraisal and valuation services available right across Ireland.

Based locally in Cork, Keanes Jewellers specialising in high-quality handmade pieces also offers a full valuation service for everything ranging from gold, and diamond rings and certain watch brands.

Diana O’Mahony Jeweller, located in the centre of Cork city is a small family-run enterprise offering a professional valuation service. The valuation service is recognised by Irish insurers and covers pieces such as engagement rings, watches and diamonds.

Jewellery Valuations Ireland is a leading name in the jewellery valuation industry and offers a professional and confidential service for competitive prices not found anywhere else on the market. Clients enjoy state-of-the-art service without the hefty price tag.

Jewellery Valuations Ireland offers an exceptional re-valuation service at a flat rate of just €125. Hugely beneficial in the context of insurance is the ‘Bulk Inventory Item’ service provided. This enabled clients to bulk value stock starting from just €50. This service covers items under €500 only.

How to value jewellery for probate?

The value of jewellery for probate depends on several factors. These include market fluctuations, the item, and the date of death of the proprietor.  Typically, valuers will assess the market value of the item on the proprietor’s date of death.  It is important to note that all valuations must be conducted by registered valuers – traditional jewellers may not be qualified to value your pieces. Once you have engaged a professional jewellery valuer, they can prepare a specialised appraisal to determine the value of your piece. This professional jewellery appraisal can provide you with ‘market value’ for the item, taking into account the material, condition and saleability of the item.