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Introducing Insight Insurance’s New Office Surgery Insurance Facility for Doctors, Dentists, Consultants & Physiotherapists.

Our facility is underwritten by a leading Global Insurer who have extensive knowledge of the Medical Industry.

Policy Benefits Include:

1.  Our Surgery Insurance Policy incorporates the following cover provisions mainly, Material Damage All Risks, Burglary, Combined Liability, Business Interruption, Money and Glass.

2. Where a Partner in the Practice owns the building in their names, our Policy avoids the need to arrange separate building cover. Both the Surgery and property owner’s risk can be included under a single Policy, guaranteeing Premium Savings for you.

3. All surgeries are indemnified by the use of Patrons of all common areas within the Practice.

4. Autoclaves at the surgery must be covered for statutory inspection cover as it is a pressure vessel. As a Policy feature, our facility covers the explosion peril within our working. We can then organise an inspection Policy for as little as €250 thereby achieving up to €350 saving to you for this necessary cover.

5. Stock of drugs at the practice automatically covered up to €10,000 (Most other Policies only provide €2,500 cover).

6. All risks cover for Medical Bags taken off site covered up to a limit of €5,000 per bag.

7. We can quote all cases where there are claims payments up to €15,000 in the past three years.

8. Exclusive Cyber Liability cover available to Surgeries without the need to encrypt all information prior to sending, (this is a usual condition of a cyber Liability Policy.)

9. Payment plan facility available at 0% finance.

10. Experienced Senior Underwriters available to you at all times.

11. Premiums commence from €350 per annum.


Insight Insurance will only place your insurances with A rated insurers who have a proven track record, will deal with your queries in a timely and efficient manner and provide you will the best possible advice at every juncture. That’s our promise to you!


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